The Great Seal

The Great Seal of the Yavapai-Apache Nation represents the unity of the Yavapai and Apache people and the coming together as one nation. The Seal contains many symbols. The Circle is the cycle of life that one must face throughout life in this world. The Feathers represent the togetherness of the two distinct people through inter-marriages that made their togetherness very close. The Crown symbolizes the Apache, proud of being who they are. Bell Rock symbolizes the Yavapai, who have their roots in the canyon and surrounding area. 

The Rainbow symbolizes their religion. They are taught to believe in something and walk in this beauty of life, not to deviate from what they believe in. The Colors also have meaning. Yellow is the power of pollen, divinity and perfect ceremonial control. Blue is the fruitfulness of mother earth. White is the purity of nature’s gifts and beauty. Red is the power they have within themselves to lay down their lives for others as their forefathers shed their blood for them to be free. Orange is the power of the sun to create and recreate with its radiance.​​