Gold Rush



~1848~ Mexican-American War




 ~1821~  Mexican independence‚Äč


Gold discovered in california


Arizona territory created

Gold discovered in Prescott


Prescott becomes capital of arizona territory



The Mexican Territory of New Mexico (which included present-day Arizona) was a ripe resource for American and French mountain men in search of fur. These men exploited the resources in the Southwest that previous foreigners had not touched. The presence of Apaches and Yavapai in the Verde Valley however, discouraged many from venturing into their territory. This changed in 1848 when gold was discovered in California. Prospectors, settlers, and soldiers now began a constant stream through the west in search of more mineral wealth. In 1863, gold was discovered in Yavapai territory near Prescott. The same year Fort Whipple was constructed and over 1,000 new Anglos streamed into the region. The Yavapai and Apache way of life would never be the same. Western expansion did not recognize territorial lands of these people, and assumed the land was open for the taking.‚Äč