apache  Basket  Weaving


Apache basketry is primarily divided into four main forms:


• Apache Trays range from flat, to curved, to bowl shaped. Apache trays were originally made for
    winnowing grain or for food usage.  

• Apache Ollas were originally used for storing grain.  

• Apache Bowls can be oval, have large jar shapes, look more olla-like in design but without the neck, or
    can appear more tray-like without the flatness of a tray. 

• Apache Burden Baskets were the last form to be made, more for tourists than for self use. Burden baskets
   were made as utilitarian baskets decorated with tin cones and yellow or green ocher. Most have a conical
   shape. Burden baskets were made for carrying wood or food.






Apache Culture Director, Vincent Randall, said “In the early days, baskets had minimal designs. During reservation days and later, when the baskets became tourist items, woven baskets took on more complex designs.” Randall said that because of taboos against keeping personal belongings of the deceased, all personal possessions were burned. Therefore, there is no evidence of pre-reservation Apache baskets.